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Organic watermelons "Ecorod" of  2017 season will be delivered to the shelves of stores in mid-August. You can find them in the following retail chains: Auchan, Karavan (supermarkets of Kyiv), Megamarket, Goodwine, Naturbutik, Billa (top supermarkets), Velika Kyshenya (top supermarkets), EcoMilk (Dnipro). 

BUSINESS HEROES. A story of an ex-marketing director producing organic grits near Kyiv.

Yurii Vinnichuk, Dmytro Kazantsev, journalists of  dated 14.07.2017. 


A taste of the Soviet-era juice motivated Andrii Olefirenko to set up a company for organic production. Andrii Olefirenko decided to deal with organic product processing once he tasted apple juice at one of organic fairs. It reminded him of the juice taste in the three-liter jars given to the children in the Soviet-era kindergartens. 

The products of "Ecorod" brand confirm its U.S. organic  USDA NOP certification for the second year in a row. The products manufactured by Organic Original LLC are legally and physically announced as organic for the US market. According to this certification "Ecorod" meets strict criteria of National Organic Program of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

Ecorod launches one more organic novelty – spleat peas halves!

This product is especially important during approaching fast. Due to its high protein content it is an excellent alternative to animal protein for people who want to refuse or minimize meat consumption in their diet.