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Organic Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil is made by single-stage pressing of organic sunflower seeds under the pressure of 25 atmospheres and subsequent oil purification by a membrane filter. Under pressure oil is heated to 40-45 C degrees just due to friction. It is important that the cold-pressed oil is produced of non-roasted or not heat-treated sunflower seeds. This oil production process is called “extra virgin”. It allows to save all the vitamins, enzymes and other sunflower seed goodness. This sunflower oil contains poly- and monounsaturated omega fatty acids in the most bio-digestible form. It is very important that extra virgin cold-pressed oil is completely free of transfats – strong oxidants and carcinogens formed at heating. It is for these reasons that we recommend to use extra virgin cold-pressed sunflower oil for seasoning dishes and cooking sauces. The quality and taste of Ecorod oil were recognised in 2013, in Warsaw, Poland, as the best organic product in Eastern Europe.

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