Organic Black Lentil Beluga. New from Ekorod!

Our company has presented its customers with yet another organic novelty - black lentils, Beluga lentils!

This valuable product with its high protein content is an an important offering both on a vegetarian menu and on the menu of connoisseurs of exotic dishes.  In appearance, black lentils resemble one of the most expensive delicacies in the world - beluga caviar. Thanks to this, your dishes will acquire not only a special taste, but also delight with their sophistication. Note that in terms of the amount of protein per 100 g of product, black lentils are almost as good as black caviar!

Organic Corn Sticks with freeze-dried strawberries, raspberries and blueberries!

With their unique recipes, these are the first organic corn sticks made in Ukraine. Their bright, rich and original tastes will take snack lovers into the world of summer berries. To preserve their true taste and benefits, we used the sublimation method. This is the process of removing moisture by vacuum freezing the product to -40°C. Then the freeze-dried berries are crushed until they become powder.

Andriy Olefirenko, Director of Organic Original, gave an interview on the specifics of organic food production and in particular, about an innovative product - organic corn sticks

What prompted him to to start producing organic snacks and the meaning of the European "Euroleaf" on their packaging:  read more in the material of "Ukrainian Truth"

Product samples were tested by the Eurofins Dr. Specht Laboratorien in Hamburg.

The analysis of the Ecorod watermelons was carried out at the request of Organic Standard LLC, a certification organization, which conductsinspections and certifications of organic products.

The test was performed on 722 indicators that monitor levels of toxic elements, nitrates, pesticides and other substances.