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Organic Extra Virgin olive oil is an unrefined virgin olive oil made from organic olives grown in the Spanish region of Valencia. The olives have absorbed the natural wealth of the terroirs of the mountainous regions of Alicante. This cheerful and sunny region is home to picturesque olive groves. Their fruit has an exceptional taste, reflecting the local climate and soil. The oil contains many useful natural ingredients that are important to a healthy diet.
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The unique aroma of the olive groves, located at an altitude of 850 meters above sea level, is preserved in the Extra Virgin product. Its fresh initial aroma and a spicy aftertaste make it an indispensable culinary masterpiece.  Its exquisite taste combines harmoniously with many dishes and products - from traditional classics to the most unusual and exotic.

The quality of the olive oil is confirmed by the organic certificate CAECV (Committee of Ecological Agriculture of the Valencian Community), as well as by ENAC, the national certification body of Spain.

Three facts about organic olive oil:

  1. We buy organic olive oil in Spain. Our partners, who grow olives and crush oil from them, are one of the top 10 producers based on the taste test results held at BioFach, the world's most reputable organic fair. We use this oil in organic olive corn sticks and offer it to our customers as a standalone product.
  2. Oleic acid (omega-9), which is the basis of olive oil, strengthens blood vessel walls vessels and removes carcinogens from the body. Fatty acids normalize blood pressure and lower blood cholesterol levels. Thanks to its linoleic acid, the process of healing wounds is accelerated and vision is improved. Vitamins A, D, K, E normalize bowel function, strengthen bone tissue and slow down the aging process.
  3. The degree of ripeness of the olives is very important for the taste and color of the oil. No more than 3-6 hours should pass between their collection and their processing. Hence, the organic oil is extracted on the same day the fruits are picked from the trees. This is followed by cleaning, crushing and cold pressing at temperatures of up to 30°C. This is necessary in order to obtain high-quality oil with all its valuable substances.
Nutrition value
Calories 899 kcal
Proteins 0 g
Fats 99,85 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
Dietary fibres 0 g
Water 0,2 g
Mono- and disaccharides 0 g
Starch 0 g
Ash 0 g
Saturated fatty acids 15 g
Unsaturated fatty acids 72 g
Oleic acid 71 g
Linoleic acid 12 g
Vitamin Е 14,35  mg
Vitamin K 60,2 mg
Vitamin B4 (choline) 0,3 mg
Micronutrients and Macronutrients
Сalcium 1,00 mg
Potassium 1,00 mg
Sodium 2,00 mg
Iron 0,56 mg

Chemical composition of a product is characterized by calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, dietary fibres and vitamins. For organic products, these parameters significantly depend on natural factors – air temperature and precipitation during vegetational season, dry or rainy season, geographic latitude and longitude of cultivation, botanical grain varieties, and soil type. It is impossible to foresee all the factors, so these values are average and indicative only.

Healthy Recipes With Organic Olive Oil

Pesto sauce with nuts
Ingredients:150 g organic Extra Virgin olive oil, 100 g basil, 100 g parsley, 50 g parmesan, 100 g roasted nuts (cashews, pine nuts or walnuts), 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar, 1 clove of garlic, salt to taste.
Preparation: Rinse the herbs and remove any yellowed or old leaves and tough basil stalks. Place the ingredients in a blender, add olive oil and vinegar, then salt. Blend the mixture gradually until the sauce is smooth. Serve with pasta, salads, pizza or ravioli.
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Rucola salad
Ingredients:100 g rucola, 2 tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 1 avocado, 2 tbsp organic olive oil, 2 tsp Dijon mustard, lemon juice, and salt to taste.
Preparation: Place the washed rucola and chopped tomatoes in a deep dish. Peel the avocado, remove the pit, cut into slices and add to the salad. In a separate bowl, combine olive oil, mustard and lemon juice. Season the salad and add salt.