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Eсorod organic coconut corn sticks - crunchy snacks that instantly melt in your mouth. Their pleasant coconut taste capture your heart. These are the first and only organic corn sticks made in Ukraine and certified by accredited European organizations.
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Free of GMOs, artificial colors, flavor enhancers and preservatives. Made exclusively from organic ingredients: organic corn grits, organic powdered sugar, organic coconut flour and organic coconut oil.

Careful production methods are used to preserve the natural taste of the product. The coconut oil envelops each stick with sweet fragrances of tropical fruits. And the use of organic coconut flour gives them a delicate texture and natural sweetness. Airy and fluffy, they are low in fat and leave you feeling satisfied.

They retain their freshness and appetizing taste thanks to the specially designed packaging with an inside aluminum liner. It is very convenient to take them with you anywhere: to work, for a walk, on a trip. They are ideal for people who lead an active lifestyle, as a simple and healthy snack for young people and children.

Three facts about organic coconut corn sticks:

  1. They contain organic coconut oil obtained from the white pulp of coconuts in the process of cold pressing. This method (extra virgin) helps to preserve all of the nutrients and taste characteristics in the coconut oil. The presence of fatty amino acids and proteins in the oil has a beneficial effect on the rate of the body's metabolism.
  2. Organic coconut flour is rich in fiber and valuable minerals such as potassium, selenium, zinc and magnesium. They are very useful for your cardiovascular system and provide added immunity.
  3. Thanks to the organic corn grits, the sticks are grainy and crunchy. Their pronounced crunch helps you appreciate their taste and become a gourmand for just a few minutes.

Nutritional value

Caloric content

423  kCal


7.0 g


9.5 g


77.4 g

The chemical composition of the product is characterized by calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, dietary fiber and vitamins. For organic products, these parameters depend on natural factors - air temperature and rainfall during the growing season, its dryness or moisture levels, longitude and latitude of cultivation, botanical grain variety and soil type. It is impossible to predict all of the factors, so these indicators are averaged and are for reference purposes.

Eating corn sticks delicious

Eating corn sticks delicious