Ecorod brand has presented another recent development to its customers – Organic Beans.

This item is exclusive at Ukrainian organic market and has no analogues among the products that are officially certified and confirmed by the European certificate.

Now the entire grocery line of Ecorod organic certified products is comprised of 17 items, including a wide range of groats, three grades of flour, oat flakes, sunflower oil and honey. Please note that all the products are certified with the European certificate and marked with the Euroleaf sign – the EU official organic logo.

Beans are one of the most valuable plants of the legume family. Thanks to high content of proteins, it is the perfect alternative of animal proteins for those who want to give up or minimize meat eating in their rations. Beans also contain no gluten and therefore are best suited to those who keep to a gluten-free diet.

More details on the healthy properties of beans, the peculiars and methods of their cooking, could be found at our “Products” website section.

Look for our products in local specialized health food stores or supermarkets.