Organic Corn Sticks with freeze-dried strawberries, raspberries and blueberries!

With their unique recipes, these are the first organic corn sticks made in Ukraine. Their bright, rich and original tastes will take snack lovers into the world of summer berries. To preserve their true taste and benefits, we used the sublimation method. This is the process of removing moisture by vacuum freezing the product to -40°C. Then the freeze-dried berries are crushed until they become powder.

This technology is used in the production of food for astronauts. Thanks to these processing methods, freeze-dried substances have the same nutritional and biological values as fresh products, and most importantly, the same real taste. No preservatives, dyes or other chemical additives are used in the freeze drying process

Eсorod corn sticks are a healthy and modern alternative to sweets. They are made exclusively from organic ingredients: freeze-dried organic berries, organic corn grits, organic sunflower oil and organic powdered sugar. Certified in accordance with EU organic standards confirmed by the Euroleaf label on the packaging.

The strawberry corn sticks delight with their pleasant semi-sweet taste and a little unexpected sourness.

The raspberry sticks impart a delicate sweetness with a light sour note and a fresh aroma.

The blueberry sticks melt in your mouth with the soft sweetness of ripe and juicy berries.

Just like real berries paint your fingers, the berries in organic corn sticks leave the specks of summer on your hands. Look for these new items on the shelves of specialty health food stores or in partner stores.