Corn, coconut, olive and sunflower corn sticks – each with a unique recipe!

Made exclusively with organic ingredients and using modern technology, the corn sticks retain a delicate aroma and crunchy structure.  GMO free, no artificial colors, no flavor enhancers and no preservatives.  European compliance certification confirms their organic origin.

 Ekorod corn sticks are a healthy alternative for snacks for children and young people.  They have a full taste with the benefit of being an organic product.  They can also be eaten as a quick breakfast with milk, yogurt or juice.

For snack lovers, we have developed four different flavors:

coconut - made from organic corn grits, coconut flour and coconut oil, which provides the sticks with a delicate, sweet taste,

olive - the addition of extra virgin olive oil complements the taste with a refined taste of oil,

sunflower - containing extra virgin cold pressed sunflower oil, providing a pleasant aroma of sunflower seeds,

corn - made without any additives, or sugar or oil for fans of a healthy lifestyle.

Look for organic corn sticks "Ekorod" on the shelves of specialty health food stores or in supermarkets.